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Scientific Programme

The symposium will comprise of excellent scientific programme on Oct. 29-30, including (1) keynote speeches from influential scientists worldwide, (2) PNIRSAsia-Pacific Sponsored Symposium, (3) state of the art symposia, and presentations from researchers and clinicians, (4) lectures of psychiatric researches and (5) virtual poster sessions. The symposium venue is to be announced.


 Programme Overview 


 Programme Details 

Plenary Keynote Speakers 

-Placebo Effects: Blessing and Curse | David Mischoulon, MD, PhD | Harvard Medical School, USA

-Inflammation-induced sickness and depression: Insights from human experimental challenge studies | Neil Harrison, PhD | PNIRSAsia-Pacific, UK

Neuromodulation in Chronic Pain Management: Not Only Modulate Pain, but Also Body And Mind   | Yeon-Ray Wen ,MD, PhD | China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan


Session Speakers

-Session Title: Leveraging Placebo Effects and Mind-Body Phenomena in the Treatment of Depression

  • David Mischoulon, MD, PhD (Chair)
  • Cristina Cusin, MD
  • Lauren Fisher, PhD
  • Felipe Jain, MD
  • Albert Yeung, Md, ScD

-Session TitlePain subtypes and the distinct and overlapping mechanisms behind them

  • Sarah J. Spencer, PhD (Chair)
  • Keith W. Kelley, PhD (Chair)
  • Zhen Zheng, PhD 
  • Peter Grace, PhD
  • Naomi Eisenberger, PhD

-Session TitleThe Effects of Ketogenic Diet in Psychosis

  • Wolfgang Marx, PhD (Chair)
  • Annabel S. Mueller-Stierlin, PhD
  • Jane Pei-Chen Chang, MD, PhD
  • Calogero Longhitano, MD
  • Angela Sherwin, BSc


...... more to be added