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Chairman's Message

Dear colleagues and friends,
It is my great pleasure to announce the 12th Mind-Body Interface (MBI) International Symposium is to be held physically in Taichung, as well as going virtual on Oct. 29-30, 2022.
Organized annually by Mind-Body Interface Research Center (MBI-lab) at China Medical University Hospital, we are delighted to co-chair this 2-day international conference with the PNIRSAsia-Pacific Symposium for five consecutive years in a row.
The main theme this year is "Nociplastic Pain and Neuroplastic Gain in Mind-Body Intervention". Pain is a sensation that most of us have experienced at certain point in our lives. Asides from the nociceptive pain (caused by inflammation and tissue damage) and the neuropathic pain (results from nerve damage) that are common in physical and mental disorders, a growing body of evidence has suggested the nociplastic effects or central sensitization may play a crucial role as a chronic stressor and in the development of mood disorders, with inflammation as one link between the two. Moreover, addiction may be the consequence of undertreated nociceptive pain that may acquire our attention. On the other hand, resilience, the results of neuroplasticity, may play a role in stopping or even preventing the pain. Nowadays, efforts have been invested in treatments, such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, that have been suggested to promote psychological resilience via modulation of the neuronal growth and neurotransmission. Resilience allows the individual to rebound from adversity or pain as a strengthened and more resourceful person.
The MBI International Symposium has been vigorously promoting a global agenda of translational neuroscience by encouraging interdisciplinary research, and integrating biomedical discovery and development focused on patients, to provide better care and service in the field of mental health. The symposium is featured with a broad range of topics, including immunology, metabolic processes and molecular science, psychopharmacology, psychology, addiction science, and the brain-gut-microbe axis as well as biological processes and factors underlying the links between diet, nutrition and mental health from the perspective of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Furthermore, there will be a strong focus on the use of brave approach and novel technology, artificial intelligence, big data, neuroimaging, personalized medicine, lifestyle intervention, health promotion and disease management, and epidemiology and population studies in brain disorders. Our programme includes keynote speeches, state of the art symposia, oral and poster presentations, as well as Mind-Body Workshop. Early-career researchers are encouraged to join us and bursaries are provided to apply.
MBI Symposium is insightful and inspiring with active discussion among participants. With the great Taiwanese hospitality and richness of cultural and natural heritage of Formosa, the 12th MBI Symposium is guaranteed to be another wonderful event like it has been in the previous years. We look forward to greeting our biomedical researchers, psychiatrists and other health professionals worldwide in Taichung.
Sincerely yours,
Kuan-Pin Su, M.D., Ph.D. 
Chairman, 12th MBI International Symposium
Director, Mind-Body Interface Research Center (MBI-Lab), China Medical University Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan
Deputy Superintendent, An-Nan Hospital, China Medical University, Taiwan
Founding President, Taiwanese Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research (TSNPR)