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Educational Workshops

Three educational workshops aim to provide core curriculum on how they use professional perspectives to evaluate and manage patients suffering from chronic pain. Online lectures are delivered by experts from Taiwan and conducted in Mandarin. The course is pre-recorded and only registered participants have the 30-day access to the lectures. Participants can interact with the lecturers for questions and comments at designated timeslots. Certificate of attendance and continuing education credits will be provided.


大會提供三場教育訓練課程,提供 (1) 慢性疼痛的評估及治療、(2) 非侵入性腦刺激術在身心整合治療的最新發展 及(3) 肥胖的身心整合治療。





WORKSHOP 1  慢性疼痛的評估及治療  More Info...

  • 日期:2022/10/20-2022/11/19 
  • 長度:180分鐘
  • 召集人:蘇冠賓 教授、溫永銳 教授


WORKSHOP 2  非侵入性腦刺激術在身心整合治療的最新發展  More Info...

  • 日期:2022/10/20-2021/11/19
  • 長度:150分鐘
  • 召集人:蘇冠賓 教授、洪敬倫醫師


WORKSHOP 3  肥胖的身心整合治療  More Info...

  • 日期:2022/10/20-2021/11/19
  • 長度:150分鐘
  • 召集人:張倍禎醫師、黃致錕院長