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Guidelines for Session Proposal

1. Session proposal should be submitted using the form (docx/pdf).

2. A summary should be submitted via mbi2022@elitepco.com.tw no later than May 31, 2022. The summary should introduce the topic and its relevance and importance for the advancement of scientific field, as well as its translational value and interest to the scientific community.

3. At this stage, there is no need yet to get formal approval from the proposed speakers.

4. Once the proposal is accepted, the chair/moderator will collect individual abstract from proposed speakers and submit a full session to the SC no later than Jul. 31, 2022Please note that the SC reserves the right to modify the proposal (content and speakers) to ensure balance and quality of symposium programme.

5. Session chair/moderator must ensure that all speakers are committed to participating in the symposium before submitting a proposal, and is also responsible for assurance of adherence to the rules and of the merit of the presentation.

6. For thematic symposia, Individual abstract will consist of (1) background, (2) methods, (3) results and (4) conclusion. All submissions must be in English and will be reviewed by the SC.

7. For educational workshop, individaul abstract will demonstrate the lecture form a coherent and balanced translational approach to the topic. For workshop in Mandarin, abstracts are suggested to be prepared in English and Mandarin.

8. In the case of a session talk with more than one author, the first author must present the work.

9. Symposium sessions will benefit from a diversity perspective of geographical and gender balance, as well as institutional affiliations in the scientific programme. Preference is given to those submissions proposing one speaker per country and with an equal division between male and female speakers. 

10. Submitting a session proposal and/or speaking in a symposium does not prevent you from submitting an abstract for an oral or poster presentation at MBI Int'l Symposium.