MBI Symposium is dedicated to making this conference an inspiring and yet fun memory for our participants. Chekc out these wonderful social events and go register now.


Gala Dinner

Date & Time: 18:30-21:30, Oct. 8, 2019

Venue: 響海鮮 Hibiki Seafood Restaurant

  •  No. 356 Shizheng North 2nd Road, Taichung 台中市市政北二路365號 (Get Directions)

  •  +886 4 22522127

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Vibrant Mind & Body Workshop

The workshop provides is a total Mind-Body experience embracing the natural beauty and cultural richness of Formosa. Featuring a getaway in central Taiwan, colleagues and friends will enjoy the beautiful surroundings, inspiring conversation of science and humanity in medicine, and a must-have lunch with local ingredients to nourish your mind & body. This year, a mindfulness yoga practitioner, Michelle Chu, will join us to share her insight on health from both Western and Eastern perspectives.

身心活力工作坊將在美麗寧靜的南投縣魚池鄉日月潭地區進行,由Michelle Chu帶領正念,瑜伽,呼吸及中醫經絡的分享與教學。傍晚將步行到向山瞭望平台,在夕陽與山光水色中進行一場全然地身與心的對話。


Location: Nantou County (Crystal Resort 日月潭晶園渡假村 & Xiangshan Scenic Outlook by Sun Moon Lake 向山瞭望平台)


Instructor: Michelle Chu



-08:15-08:30 Meet up at Lobby of Windsor Hotel Taichung 裕元花園酒店

-08:30-10:00  Departure

-10:00-12:00  Workshop (I)

-12:00-14:00  BBQ/Lunch Buffet by the Pool

-14:00-16:00  Workshop (II)

-16:00-17:00 Mindful Walk along the Lake

-17:00-18:30  Say Goodbye and Back to Hotel







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