Online Registration


Please complete the online registration and an invoice will be sent to you within 3 working days. No registration will be confirmed until payment is received. Payment can be made by a credit card payment or bank transfer. All attendees are responsible for their own medical, accident and other necessary insurance.




Registration Fees


Registration fees include admission to all scientific sessions of the conference, access to program materials, and refreshment and lunch during symposium.

*Early Bird Rate: before Aug 5, 2019

*Complimentary rate:  (1) TSNPR members 台灣營養精神醫學研究學會會員, (2) Co-Organizer: PNIRS學會 / TSOP 台灣精神醫學會 / TNS 台灣基礎神經科學學會 / IATCM 國際傳統暨替代醫學協會 / NFCAGG members 中國老年學和老年醫學學會營養食品分會 / WMU 溫州醫科大學 / TATCM 臺灣傳統暨替代醫學協會 /  TSP 台灣精神醫學會 / TMA中華民國醫師公會全國聯合會 / TDA 中華民國營養師公會全國聯合會 / TAAD 社團法人臺灣憂鬱症防治協會  and (3) students.

*Registration fee waivers: (1) invited speakers (2) session speakers (3) moderators (4) oral & poster presenters and (5) CMU student/faculty and CMUH staff

*Regular rate is applied for on-site registers

*Currency Exchange: USD: NTD = 1:30

1. Inclusive registration is entitled to Name Badge/Lunch/Refreshment/All Scientific Sessions/Gala Dinner/Workshop & Tour

2 Accompanying person is entitled to Name Badge/Lunch/Refreshment




Confirmation of Registration Deposit for Oral/Poster Presenters


Oral/poster presenters, who are entitled to waived-registration, will be pre-charged a deposit of USD$100. It is not refundable if no shows. Otherwise, we will refund the full amount when the conference is closed.



Confirmation of Registration


You will receive an auto-confirmation of registration via email once your on-line registration submission is proceeded. An invoice will be sent within 3 working days. No registration will be confirmed until payment is received.



Accompanying Person(s)


An accompanying person is a spouse, partner, or adult child. Registration for accompanying person is entitled to Name Badge/Lunch/Refreshment; however, she (he) may NOT attend the scientific sessions. Tickets for Gala Dinner or Workshop can be purchased in advance, which is strongly recommended.



Cancellation of Registration


Cancellations have to be made in writing form only. In the case of cancellation 60 days before the conference, 90% of the fee will be refund; and 30 days before the conference, 50% of the fee will be refund. Thereafter no refund will be made. 





The organizer is not liable for any losses, accidents, or damages, irrespective of which cause. For attendees and accompanying persons taking part in the symposium, the participation in the events are at their own risk. Medical, accident and other necessary insurance are recommended when travelling overseas.



Payment Methods


Credit Card Payment (in NT Dollars)         

Credit Card Payment can only be made using NT dollars. Payment is processed via Spgateway in accordance with PCI-DSS standards. All payment pages are secured using SSL with encryption strength of 256-Bit to ensure the safety of data transmission. There could be surcharges incurred in currency conversions or international transactions.  



Bank Transfer

Payment is made to Taiwanese Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research. Please note that bank transmission fees have to be paid by the transmitter. After the payment is made, please provide the transaction details for confirmation, including (1) attendee's name (2) date of payment processing (3) the amount of payment (4) bank code and (5) the last 5 digits of your bank account number. (2019mbisymposium@gmail.com)


*For international transaction (in US Dollar) 國際匯款

  • Account Name: TSNPR
  • Name of Bank & Branch: CTBC BANK Co., Ltd., Keboguan Branch
  • Bank Number: 822
  • Account Number: 159131 062664
  • Address: 1F, No.239, Sec. 2, Taiwan Blvd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan
  • Telephone: +886-4-2310-1258


*For domestic transaction (in NT Dollar) 台灣地區轉帳

  • Account Name: 台灣營養精神醫學研究學會
  • Name of Bank / Branch: 中國信託商業銀行 科博館分行
  • Bank Number: 822
  • Account Number: 159540381334