CALLING FOR PAPER (Submission Closed)


CALLING FOR SESSION  (Submission Closed)


We welcome submissions on area related to (1) basic science and the biological processes and factors underlying the links between diet, nutrition and mental health, including the brain-gut-microbe axis, immunology and metabolic processes and molecular science, etc., (2) neuroimaging, personalized medicine, life style intervention, health promotion and disease management, etc. in mental health across age groups, (3) epidemiology, public health and population studies, etc. in mental health, and (4) the use of science and technology in mental health. Submission will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.


*Deadline for submission: Sep 30, 2020

*All submissions must be in English. 

Submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. 

Results will be released and sent to the applicant by email, no later than Oct. 5, 2020