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We are seeking for proposals for symposia sessions, which are intended to complement a broader conceptual theme of invited talks. Hence, proposed symposia sessions should be focused on a special interest topic; for example, a methodological issue, a disease-centered approach, a focused topic within a specific domain of neuroscience. 


The time allocated for each session is 90-120 minutes, organized as 3-4 talk slots. Discussion time can be scheduled according to the organizers' discretion (e.g., after individual talks, concentrated at the end of a session, or for an alternative format, such as a debate among the speakers, an extended Q&A between the audience and speakers, etc.).


Session chair must ensure that all speakers are committed to participating in the symposium before submitting a proposal, and is also responsible for assurance of adherence to the rules and of the merit of the presentation.



Guidelines for Session Submission


Abstracts should be submitted in English via the submission portal (closed). To create a session, the session chair is requested to Login the account first and then send an email via portal to invite each presenter for the individual abstract. Once individual abstract is completed, the chair will be notified. A session summary is request along with individual abstracts to be submitted by the chair for the consideration of a thematic session in the MBI Symposium . 


The word limit is 500 words for each, consisting of Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion. All submissions must be in English and will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.


Deadline for submission is Aug. 07, 2021. Results will be released and sent to the session chair by email, no later than Sep. 03, 2021


In the case of a session talk with more than one author, the first author must present the work. Proposals from young investigators are encouraged. Symposium sessions often benefit from a diversity of perspective and institutional affiliations. MBI Symposium Organising Committee reserves the right to ask a session chair to modify their session to ensure balance and quality in the symposium programme.


Submitting a session proposal and/or speaking in a symposium does not prevent you from submitting an abstract for an oral or poster presentation at MBI Int’l Symposium. If any difficulities to access submission portal, please contact us via mbi2021.reg@elitepco.com.tw.


Topics of Interest

  • Basic science and biological processes and factors underlying the links between medical vs. non-medical intervention and mental health
    • Brain-gut-microbe axis
    • Fatty acids and lipid nutrition
    • Mental disorder & comorbidities
    • Music therapy, creative art therapy, diet/nutrition, exercise, horticultural therapy and life-style intervention
    • Neuroimaging
    • Personalized medicine
    • Psychology
    • Psycho-neuro-immunology 
    • ​​Psychopharmacology
    • Resilience
  • Disease management and mental health wellbeing across age groups
  • Epidemiology, public health and population studied in mental health 
  • The use of science and technology in mental health